Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Johnson Family Picture Preview {2011}

Here is a quick little preview of our family photo session this month.
They turned out so darling!
More will be posted soon - I PROMISE!!

Photography by Angie Hatch

Shot Guns and Hand Guns |Ririe Trip|

We had lots of fun in Ririe! Here are some "shots" of the boys shooting it up one afternoon. I shot a few rounds with the hand gun...and I've got pretty great aim! Way fun...
Check out Brian's chevy. So super cool and sexy :-) Who'd of thought a chevy guy would marry a 'ford' gal. :-) hehe

  The SMOKING GUN :-) You can see the shot gun shell flying out. That was a fun suprise!

Homemade Tortilla Recipe - {White or Wheat}

Tortillas are a STAPLE at my house for lunch, dinner, and even snack time. Seriously, I know this recipe by heart because I make it so often. Whether we load them Mexican, Italian, or American style...they are always a big hit.

Homemade white-or-wheat tortilla recipe is below.
Also, plenty of "fixin" ideas with which to load them up to your liking.
(Serving Suggestion)
Above is a picture of a homemade white tortilla topped with pork carnita meat (recipe from my sista Ang), home made salsa, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and black  beans.

Homemade Tortilla Recipe (White OR Wheat):
3 Cups flour (White or Wheat)
1 TB baking powder
1 Tsp salt
1 TB sugar
2 TB oil
1 Cup warm water
2 TB Vital Wheat Gluten (Optional ingredient when using WHEAT flour)

MIX all ingredients together and kneed for approx 5 minutes.
COVER and allow dough to REST for 10 minutes while you gather your toppings
CUT dough into 6-8 equally sized pieces and lightly FLATTEN each piece in your hand.
COVER again and allow dough to REST for a couple minutes.
ROLL or PRESS your tortilla dough until it is 1/4" thin.
PLACE tortilla on hot skillet for approximately 1-2 minutes.
Use the tortillas immediately or refrigerate for up to a week for quick meals in the future.
Yield=6-8 tortillas

(This is the same recipe I use for pizza crust. It works perfectly for BOTH meals. )

Mexican: salsa, beans, cheese, taco meat, carnitas, spicy shredded chicken/beef/pork, lettuce,
American: ham, cheese, pickles, tomatoes, and sprouts (anything you would put on a sandwich or panini)
Italian: mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, tomatoes (anything you would put on a pizza)

Since I make these SOOO often, I'm hoping to get a tortilla press soon. :-)
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