Reading List

Here is what I have read lately.
I like to keep I can go back and read my favorites.
I will update as I think (and/or think of) books I've read or am currently reading :-)
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Sarah's Key (July 2014) my review here
The Soft Spoken Parent (April 2014)
Ideas for Parents (April 2014 50% read)
15 Minutes Outside (March 2014)
Raising a Confident Reader (March 2014)
The Art of Procrastination (February 2014)
Genesis (Bible-KJV) (January 2014)
Exodus (Bible-KJV) (January 2014)
Book of Mormon (Finished on Dec. 31, 2013)
How to Eat a Frog (December 2013)
Night Circus (September 2014)
The Hobbit ( and there 2013-2014)
Speed Reading (August 2014)

List inspired by my dear friend Kari. Through her example and blog, she has inspired me to read to my children - and read to myself more often!

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