Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dear Santa...

I'm reverting back to childhood and making Santa a Christmas list :-)

I'm not sure if I made it onto Santa's "Nice List" this year.
So just in case....I'll post this for friends, family (and hubby) to see!

All the kids:
Books, books, and books!
Clothes, PJ's, Shoes
Paints and brushes
Art/school/craft supplies
Toy box
Aprons/Apron/oversized bibs
Any books by Susan Boynton

He likes anything/everything BOY -
pretend hunting things like guns, sling shots, bow/arrows, nerf guns (and other "manly" things)
Transportation stuff: Trucks, planes, cars, trains, rockets
Animals: dinosaurs, bugs, birds, animals, dragons, frogs
Character stuff: Spiderman, Mario Brothers, Harry Potter, R2D2 from Star Wars, Curious George, Clifford, Scout (from leapfrog)
hoola hoop
fruit, crackers, candy
games that are played with 2+ people
balls of ALL kinds
art projects, play dough
music and audio books
anything with a screen/movies/games
pre-reading helps/preschool activities
Currently wearing size 5T in the baby/toddler section or XS(5-6) in the boys section. And currently wearing shoe size 11 or 12 in kids.

She likes all things GIRL (and non-chokeable stuff)
dolls and doll accessories
Animals: ponies, puppies, kittens
purple and pink things
Characters: Any princess, Clifford the big red dog
Currently wearing size 2T and shoe size 6-7

For the Baby (Baby boy due Jan 29, 2014):
Lotion/baby wash - Lavender scented would be fun to try
Burp cloths (I like the embellished ones...but the plain ol' single layer Gerber cloth diaper ones can be bleached easily. Love 'em both!)
Diapers (I like "Pampers Swaddlers" for newborn and size 1)
Dresser for baby's room
Infant car seat
Small diaper bag
One of these as a keepsake for baby.
footed baby pants - aren't these cool?
Newborn hat for his newborn pictures

Motorcycle, snowmobile, 4-wheelers
Bow hunting stuff (I have no idea what this entails)
Gun re-loading supplies/materials/stuff
Materials to insulate our garage
Really really bright flashlights
Bow hunting things
Hiking things
Bug-A-Salt salt gun
Bow case

New PC or Apple computer
Pomegranates...Mmmmmm I love these sooo much!
Mormon Mom Planner 2015 (overview of planner)
Small perfume
To have my feet "read"
Jewelry organizer (maybe for wall, or top of dresser)
Coconut oil (so many uses for this!)
New sharp blades for my Wahl hair clippers
Cape for cutting Brian and Owen's hair
Lavender pillow mist (can be a DIY)
Makeup: makeup primer (Mabelline Baby Skin), concealer (Mabelline Dream Lumi Highlighting Concealer in Ivory), lipstick, chapstick
Water pick (need all the help I can get to clean my braces!)
Smock type apron like this or this.
Jewelry (staples that will go with lots of different clothes. All my jewelry seems to be broken or missing)
Lens cleaning kit
50mm 1.8 canon lens for my Canon 7D
Newborn posing pillow - They look like this :-)
Photography backdrop stand and clips and strobe/flash
At home laminator
Glam Glow clearing treatment.
Pinking shears
Cutting mat and rotary cutter

New Computer
Ironing board
Pictures of Temple or Jesus, or frames so put my own pictures in.
Pastry brush
Meat tenderizer mallet/tool
Blackout curtians for master bedroom

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