Monday, October 31, 2011

"Arrrr" Halloween Fun 2011

Ahoy Matey! Its time to walk the plank...cause our little pirate is on the loose!
Owen was a great lil pirate. He watched in amazement as I drew on the eye patch, and kept that bandana on for alot longer than I expected him to! :-)
He liked going from door to door getting candy! He was a NATURAL! 
Once we got home he found our bowl of candy at the door and he took HANDFULS at a time and transferred it into his pumpkin bucket.

Every pirate needs a "MOM" tatoo!

Happy Halloween 2011 from the Johnson Fam

All tuckered out.....Owen would absolutely not let go of that candy bucket. So I finally just let him go to sleep with it. Here is what he looked like an hour or two later when I went in to gather up the candy to put away for another day. haha! He cracks me up!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Zippy Salsa Recipe {From a Spice Wimp}

Dear Tomatoe Plant,
Thank you for abundently producing the most delicious tomatoes this year. You were a real trooper! Especially when we would leave town for a week in the hot summer, and there was no water for you to drink. I applaud you for enduring to the end! And producing tomatoes to the very last day of warmth until the first freeze.
Until next year,

Salsa Recipe Below

This salsa can be made as HOT or as MILD as you'd like.
Adjust the amount of peppers according to your liking.
I am a total SPICE I would make it very mild, and then add some peppers to the salsa for my husband to eat.

Homemade Salsa Recipe:
6    medium tomatoes, chopped/blended to chunky consistancy
1/2   sweet onion, chopped
__    anehiem pepper, chopped (to taste...I used 1)
__    jalepeno peppers (to taste...I used 1)
1   tsp salt
2   tsp black pepper
1   tsp Garlic (I used garlic powder cause I didn't have any fresh
3   TB cilantro, chopped (I use a LOT...cause I like it)
Juice from 1 lime (or lemon...whatever you have)
(optional spices to add: thyme, ground cumin, and corriander)
BLEND together in your food processor or blender, adding ingredients 1 at a time.
Add food ingredients first, add spice ingredients last.
For chunkier salsa, remove some of the liquid by straining all or half of your salsa batch. Then add back any juices  until you reach the desiered texture.
Everything can be adjusted to your liking. That is the BEAUTIFUL THING about salsa!!

**If it tastes too hot, then you have 2 options for dialing down the heat.
1-- Add more tomatoes to dilute the salsa. You may need to add more spices to taste.
2-- Refrigerate the salsa overnight. The next day it will be a little more mild than when its fresh.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

More fun in Dixie |St. George Trip|

Here are a few long awaited pictures from our last trip down to St. George in September 2011. Owen had a blast, as you can see, and Brian and I did also!
(More pics from this trip can be found here)

This is so precious! It was lunchtime, and we were right outside Judd's Candy Store when Brian took Owen for a little walk.  I love it in color & BW, so I'm sharing both with you.

Grandma Betty and Owen playing in downtown Dixie.

Owen pulled a step stool up to the fridge...trying to sneak some of Grandma Betty's "Green Smoothie Girl" frozen fruitie bites.

Grandpa Jim found a nice place for Owen to hide! I love the expression on Owen's face as he looks up at Grandpa Jim. Pure delight!

Monday, October 10, 2011

DIY Tripod Bag {Sew Neat!} Repurpose PJ Pants

I finally sewed a tripod bag. I'm very pleased with the result. The body is padded and quilted with a lining on the inside for added protection and strength. I also added a shoulder strap, round bottom, and drawstring top (used the drawstring from the waistband of the pj's).
1 pant leg (I chose to use some PJ pants I never used)
1 lanyard (used to make the strap)
2 D-rings
(general notions: pins, thread, etc...)

Here are a few pics.

Above: Attached strap detail and D-ring.
Below: Round bottom

ABOVE: Pins are holding the batting and lining in place as I sew the criss-cross pattern on the whole piece.

BELOW: Here is the finished quilting detail.

Here are my pants AFTER the project.
I'm thinking of making this plastic bag holder with the other pant leg.

P.S. I wish I would have taken pics throughout the sewing process...I will for the next project.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Playing on the Swings - STG Style! |St. George Trip|

We visited St. George, UT in September. Loved it!! Here are just a few pictures from one afternoon of Owen playing on the swings with Daddy. He LOVES to be outside, so the backyard at Grandma Betty and Grandpa Jimbo's house was like 'heaven' to this little 20 month old. All swings and trampolines...and mama didn't even have to worry about picking up doggy poopy in this backyard. That a 'yahoo moment' for everyone!

P.S. I love the shorts he is wearing in these photos. Rikki McKim gave those to me when Owen was just a wee little one. Thanks girl!

Daddy pushes OH SO HIGH! 

(one pic from the trampoline fun....because his smile is too cute to keep to myself)

Look at him LOVING this! I should have got this on video camera to capture his laughter.

 All this playtime is wearing him out.
I love his sweet expression here....and his dangling feet.
I want to get this picture framed. sleepy!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Watching General Conference!

I've been watching conference this morning and Owen came and sat next to me on the couch. I'm surprised that at his age (20 months) he sat next to me and listened to the authorities of the LDS church for so long. I believe it was a tender mercy from the Lord, so I could peacefully watch and listen to this wonderful message.
Here is a picture of us happily sitting on the couch together while the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang "I Am A Child Of God".

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