Monday, October 31, 2011

"Arrrr" Halloween Fun 2011

Ahoy Matey! Its time to walk the plank...cause our little pirate is on the loose!
Owen was a great lil pirate. He watched in amazement as I drew on the eye patch, and kept that bandana on for alot longer than I expected him to! :-)
He liked going from door to door getting candy! He was a NATURAL! 
Once we got home he found our bowl of candy at the door and he took HANDFULS at a time and transferred it into his pumpkin bucket.

Every pirate needs a "MOM" tatoo!

Happy Halloween 2011 from the Johnson Fam

All tuckered out.....Owen would absolutely not let go of that candy bucket. So I finally just let him go to sleep with it. Here is what he looked like an hour or two later when I went in to gather up the candy to put away for another day. haha! He cracks me up!

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Irvin said...

I love Owen on Haloween! he is adorable!!! Cutest Pirate! miss him!

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