Monday, October 28, 2013

Kite Flying 101

Owen's first time flying a kite. Yes, it was everything he dreamed it would be!
He caught on FAST. Way to go buddy.
**I must say...raising My Little Owen has brought me the most challenging, rewarding, and joyful experiences of my life. Thank you little one, for making me a Mom.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kids Book of the Week: Look! Another Book!

This week's favorite bedtime book was Look! Another Book! by Bob Staake.
Every time we read it, Owen found something new that fascinated him! Also, there are holes in the pages that show you what's coming up next. Super fun feature!

Toward the end of the week, we didn't even read the words. Owen was so busy looking for robots, donuts, helicopters, animals, monsters, and all kinds of silly stuff!
**Owen's attention span is usually short...but this book kept him entertained from start to finish!
I liked the silly rhymes. It was fun for me to read to him.


Owen: 3 years + 9 monthsWe both loved this 'seek and find' book!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Kid's Book of the Week: I'm Dirty

This is a darling little book, that Owen requested many times this week!
Personality shines through this backhoe while he cleans up a dirty lot, and makes it nice and smooth. Owen giggled when he took a "mud bath" and came out SO dirty.
This is a perfect book for a 3 year old boy. And from a mother's point of view, I like anything that teaches my boy that cleaning can be fun.

Owen is 3 years + 9 months and thoroughly enjoyed this picture book.

This book has me excited to read other books by Kate and Jim McMullan :-) I'll be sure to post those as well if they make the cut!

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kids Book of the Week: Tip Tip Dig Dig (Best little boys book, ever!)

Best little boy's book ever!
My little boy is 3 years + 8 months. He loves this book! And why wouldn't he? Its full of all his favorite things! Dirt, dump trucks, backhoes, cranes.
There were a lot of repetitive words, which encouraged Owen to read along with me. It uses verbs in all tenses "tip, tips, and tipped", "dig, digs, and dug", "lift, lifts, lifted", etc...

Now, anytime we see a dump truck he shouts "TIP TIP TIP!" with our little hand movement we made up while reading.
I love that a good book has made a positive impact on my sweet little boy!
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