Sunday, April 13, 2014

I Stand All Amazed - Senior Primary Activity

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BIG hit in Senior Primary today!
I taught I Stand All Amazed last week to the Senior primary. They caught on so fast to the first verse, so today was a review/reinforcement activity.

Cutting Tools (scissors, cricut, or big circle punch)
Ruler (optional)

How to make your code poster:-decide what words are important to color-code. Usually words referring to Heavenly Father, Jesus, I or Me, etc... In "I Stand All Amazed" I also chose words that meant Love (Love, Grace, and Care).
-cut out your circles
-glue them on!

This is how it all played out:
I asked the kids to look at the poster and tell me what was different, what was the same, what did they notice. I accepted all answers and then we sang the 1st verse (I didn't do anything except hold the poster as we sang the first time). I got a few more responses as to what the code would be. Then I sang the 1st line and I pointed to the dots as we sang (one dot per word). I had alot of responses after that! We sang it one-two lines at a time until we got to the end. **The best part:. I split the primary down the middle. 1/2 sang the black dots, 1/2 sang the colored dots. But I told them to STAND UP when it was their turn to sing. There is a section in middle where everyone was bouncing up and down in their chairs trying to keep up with the color changes. So fun and funny at the same time. For the most part it was very reverent. Only 1 time did i need to remind them that this is a sacred song, and we shouldn't sing it silly. They understood and it was A+ the rest of the time!
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