Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Family Of Bikers


I love my husband and kids.  I love my life. I love our lifestyle.

Today looked nice and sunny, so we ate an early dinner and then went for a bike ride. The chilly Northwest wind  quickly froze me through my jacket. Burrrr! I was glad the children were warm and cozy.

It was Katelyn's first time in the pull-behind bike trailer. At first, she wasn't sure what was going on. Then she fell asleep before we even left our subdivision. Owen wanted to ride in the trailer with her. He kept poking his head out of the plastic window/cover in order to see better.

This is the best I could do for a family picture of the bike ride. Riding 1 handed whilst trying to take a pic with the cell phone was tricky and wobbly. I'm lucky I didn't crash!
Brian is pulling both kids in the trailer, I'm following close behind - you can see my shadow!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How to Save Money Buying CHICKEN

save money buying chicken boneless skinless chicken breasts
(super yummy picture of chicken is courtesy of
Buying bulk saves money. Period.

Here is how I buy chicken in bulk and save TONS of money:

1- Order chicken during a "Chicken Event". This happens 2-3 times per year.
 Click here to sign up for a FREE Zaycon Foods account. They sell chicken all across the USA.  It comes in 40 pound cases. If that is too much for you, split with a friend. I buy 2 cases and it lasts a long time.

2-Pickup chicken. Pull up to the truck. Show your receipt. They load it in your trunk. Easy peasy!

3-Store chicken. I put them in plastic bags. I know crockpot freezer meals are really popular - and they would be very easy to make with this chicken.


This picture is about 3/4 of my box. I still have enough chicken left in the box to fill 2-3 gallon size ziplock bags.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

How To Save Money Buying Produce

We eat ALOT of produce. It seems we eat hundreds of dollards worth of produce each month. I can save tons of money by purchasing produce through a food co-op.

I love Bountiful Baskets. Its a GREAT volunteer run food co-op. If you are new to the co-op experience, you can learn about Bountiful Baskets by clicking HERE. Bountiful baskets is EVERYWHERE around the Western U.S.A. Go to their website to see if they have it in your hometown.

I've been participating in Bountiful Baskets since 2007. I like it best in the spring and summer when there are lots of fruits in season.

Every week is different.
This week I got:
8 bananas
1 pound strawberries
3 huge granny smith apples
1 pineapple
4 pears
2 stalks celery
1 head green leaf lettuce
3 zucchini
3 cucumbers
6 tomatos
5 giant russet baking potatos

All this produce weighed 26.52 pounds.
$15.00 for Bountiful Basket
+$1.50 handling fee (for online debit card payment)
=$16.50 total cost for Bountiful Basket

$16.50 / 26.52 pounds = $0.62/lb for ALL this produce

I was in a hurry to get my bread in rolled up and in the oven.

In the next picture you will see 1/2 of my B.B. produce, my FOOD SCALE, alaskan ulu,  and my super soft moist bread ready to put into bread pans.
Exciting day at the Johnson house. :-)

Here is my whole wheat bread recipe. Soft, moist, fluffy. Mmmmm goodness.
I'll be posting instructions and tips for my breadmaking sometime this summer. But if you have questions before then, please ask!
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