Saturday, October 8, 2011

Playing on the Swings - STG Style! |St. George Trip|

We visited St. George, UT in September. Loved it!! Here are just a few pictures from one afternoon of Owen playing on the swings with Daddy. He LOVES to be outside, so the backyard at Grandma Betty and Grandpa Jimbo's house was like 'heaven' to this little 20 month old. All swings and trampolines...and mama didn't even have to worry about picking up doggy poopy in this backyard. That a 'yahoo moment' for everyone!

P.S. I love the shorts he is wearing in these photos. Rikki McKim gave those to me when Owen was just a wee little one. Thanks girl!

Daddy pushes OH SO HIGH! 

(one pic from the trampoline fun....because his smile is too cute to keep to myself)

Look at him LOVING this! I should have got this on video camera to capture his laughter.

 All this playtime is wearing him out.
I love his sweet expression here....and his dangling feet.
I want to get this picture framed. sleepy!

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Grandma Betty said...

I sure miss having you here. Love the Photos. MOM

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