Saturday, October 15, 2011

More fun in Dixie |St. George Trip|

Here are a few long awaited pictures from our last trip down to St. George in September 2011. Owen had a blast, as you can see, and Brian and I did also!
(More pics from this trip can be found here)

This is so precious! It was lunchtime, and we were right outside Judd's Candy Store when Brian took Owen for a little walk.  I love it in color & BW, so I'm sharing both with you.

Grandma Betty and Owen playing in downtown Dixie.

Owen pulled a step stool up to the fridge...trying to sneak some of Grandma Betty's "Green Smoothie Girl" frozen fruitie bites.

Grandpa Jim found a nice place for Owen to hide! I love the expression on Owen's face as he looks up at Grandpa Jim. Pure delight!

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