Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Giggles in July

Yay I am finally blogging about my cute little family. I've thought alot about blogging since we moved. I want to keep my family and friends involved in our lives and let ya'll see how much Owen is growing. I feel so lucky to be home with him and watching him grow each day. He is always suprising me with the things he learns.
The other day I was babysitting one of Owen's little buddies. They were having sooo much fun giggling and running around. All three of us were in silly moods. How fun!
One of Owen's favorite things is watching other kids run and jump around. It makes him LAUGH SO HARD! In the first picture his buddy is landing a "jump" (only his face made it in the picture). Owen was laughing out of control.... and he was still laughing when I  took the 2nd picture. There were lots more like this too. hehe. Love this!

Owen is such a good eater. He eats 95% of what I give him and rarely throws food. If he does start throwing food of the ground, that means he is done eating and ready to play.

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