Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Get Away {Warm River Springs}

Warm River Springs was so pretty and fun! We went on the annual summer camping trip with the Johnson crew. Oh how we have missed it the last few glad we got to go.
Owen was having sooo much fun he wouldn't stop to take a nap. So he would fall asleep on-the-go...even on a 4-wheeler or motorcycle ride.

Owen's attitude was "GO GO GO" - till eventually he just zonked out right in the middle of a 4-wheeling ride with mommy. Guess it wasn't a very thrilling ride. hehe.

Owen's favorites on the campout:
 - 4 wheeler rides with mom
 - motorcycle rides with dad
 - playing in the dirt
 - floating the river
 - throwing rocks in the river and watching them 'splash'
 - running around the campfire
 - eating lots of candy
 - sleeping in the sleeping bag with mom and dad
Grandpa Jimbo and Grandma Betty gave us a giant sleeping bag for our wedding. We can still fit our whole family in it. Its sooo fun to use. Thanks!

Brian's favorites on the campout:
 - motorcycling
 - shooting guns (He looks so good shootin that gun!)
 - relaxing and hanging 'round the campfire

Adri's favorites on the campout:
 - 4 wheeling and exploring with Brian and Owen
 - hiking
 - playing WACKY SIX with the girls (card game)
 - making embroidry floss bracelets
 - shooting guns (I learned I'm a natural with a pistol. Watch out bad guys!)

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