Monday, September 12, 2011

Owen is 19 Months!

Owen happily played in his room as I played with my camera...trying out different flash settings.
Look at those blue eyes! No color enhancing or photoshopping done here. (I only sized the pics down for the internet, corrected the white balance)


Owen CLIMBING in his CRIB!
(He is the best climber I've ever seen...I think we're in trouble Mister!)

Owen showing off his TRICKS!

 Owen balancing with NO HANDS!
One of his favorite tricks!

 Owen loves to READ his BOOKS!

 Owen playing "MECHANIC"!(I love how he chose to kneel by the bike/zebra cute!)

Owen being SILLY!



Unknown said...

These pictures are tremendous! It looks like I could reach out and pick him up because they are so crisp and clear. I love your beautiful blog Adri It is the best.! You write the cutest things I love you all. MOM

Grandma Betty said...

I was able to change my profile so I am no longer 'unknown'! Looking at your blog makes me happy. Thank you so much my darling daughter.

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