Wednesday, June 27, 2012

34 Weeks - and still pregnant!

I'm technically 34 and 1/2 weeks pregnant. Every day closer to that 40 week mark is important! Especially when I'm carrying around this extra little person. Amazing how much just a few pounds can effect your center of gravity and everything else. I feel like a camel with the 'hump' on the wrong side of my body. haha. Now that creates a funny image....imagine if we were pregnant on our backs. :-)

34.5 weeks - How I'm Doing:
50% Effaced / dialated 2cm
Weight: I've gained +16 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight.
              However, I am +24 lbs from my 2nd trimester weight (I lost 8 lbs in the 1st trimester)
Skin is super tight, but no stretchmarks yet. THANK YOU MOM for good genes!
Heartburn, constipation, and fatigue are constant reminders that I'm housing another human.
Its hard to get comfortable at night. Multiple pillows propped up around me seem to help
My favorite foods: eggs, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, nuts. I'm sensing a pattern. Dairy and protien!
I try not to pickup Owen (30 lbs), but sometimes I have to
No more exercise for me...but before 34 weeks I was walking 2 miles several nights a week.
My shirts are getting shorter, and my pants are getting ever and ever tighter!

The doc says i'm 50% effaced and dialated 2cm. This is ALL TOO FAMILIAR! Such a similar situation when I was pregnant the first time around...and my baby Owen was born just 2 days later, at 34 weeks. Yikes! I'm trying SO hard to stay pregnant until at least 36 weeks (which is July 6, 2012). Anytime after that this little baby girl can skip on out into the world.

Everyone has their 'it would be great if she were born on....' date. Grandparent and cousin birthdays, someone's anniversary, or a particular convenient day that Brian has off of work. But really, I don't care as long as its after July 6th.

My parents live over 600 miles away. I send pics via text as often as I think about it (probably not near as often as my mom would like). My last picture to my mom was taken the same day as the picture above but I pulled my shirt up to show how big my bump really is. Her comments have usually been "your so small...your stomach is small" When I sent the belly exposed, she said "Wow, your belly is really big, but your body is so small. You are a beanpole! You are so small except where the baby is."

I was slightly proud of being called a 'beanpole' at 34 weeks pregnant. I've NEVER thought of myself as thin, especially with this big baby bump hanging out in front of me all day.  Thanks mom for making my day. Now if this statement could be true AFTER I have this baby....lets hope and pray I can earn that title back! :-)

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