Thursday, July 4, 2013

Celebrating our Independence

Here are a few pictures from our Fourth of July holiday!
Thank you for the matching outfits Grandma Johnson. The grandkids look so cute all matching in red & blue.

1st -Parade in the morning in Rexburg with Grandma & Grandpa Johnson
2nd -Fireworks at night in Idaho Falls with BOTH G&G Johnson and  G&G Ford! I'm so glad my parents drove up for the holiday. What fun!

Thanks for bringing a blanket Grandma Johnson.

Look at all those grandkids.

Get outta the road, boy!
Here's my winking little man. Wearing a balloon hat at the parade.
FAMILY PICTURE! These are kinda rare for us. I'm always behind the camera.

Grandpa Jimbo has another TWIN! Can you see the resemblance?
Brian tolerates my endless photos. What a gem :-)

Grandma Betty and Kate - twinners too!
Two grandpas. Love these guys!

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