Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pinto in July - The Ford Clan

I LOVE visiting Pinto, UT. Its a little cabin community, with inhabitants usually on holiday weekends in the summer.
I didn't take a lot of pictures this trip, I wanted to be involved in my vacation, not behind my camera lens the whole time. Do any of my fellow photographers feel this way sometimes? I didn't get pictures of everyone. Bummer! But oh well, I wasn't on the clock. haha
Activities this year included:
    -relaxing in hammocks
    -watch Kate "ALMOST" walk. Seriously, she is so close.
   -riding Uncle Dave & Aunt Korrie's 4 wheelers (BIG SHOUT OUT TO THEM!!! THANK YOU)
   -shooting a few arrows with the kids
   -tying a quilt for Kendall & Kira's family.
   -decorating clipboards - fun craft idea mom! (they kinda look like these clipboards)
   -sleeping in a tent with my 2 kids, we opted out of sleeping in the beautiful red cabin this year.
   -eating yummy food and eating lots of treats

Kira & Scotti are hard at work on their clipboards.
Grandma betty has the CUTTEST craft paper and ribbons.
Kendall and Kira working on the quilt.
Almost everyone was involved in making the quilt in some way. I even saw Dillon with a needle and yarn at one point. What a stud.
This was such a fun activity to do as a family, and knowing it would be keeping
Kendall & Kira's family warm this winter made it ALL the more FUN!
In case you are wondering, I had to hand the camera to Brian and say "take a picture
of me doing this, I want to remember I was here too". HA!
That's the only way I get in pictures these days.

They are best friends. REALLY. Its So. Darn. Cute.
Owen loved waking up and realizing he was still in the tent.
Kate is ALMOST one year old and ALMOST walking!!!
She likes being one of the "Big Girls".
These two were the BEST babysitters ever.
I never had to worry. Thanks girlies.


Grandma Betty said...

Thanks Adri for documenting our first ever-Jim and Betty Ford Family Reunion! It was so much fun to be together.

Unknown said...

Some of my most cherished memories are of Pinto! Love my Pinto family.

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