Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kids Book of the Week: Monsters Love Colors

I liked this book just as much as my 3 year old. It's about some silly monsters that "dribble, scribble, mix, dance and wiggle" to make new colors. The illustrations are darling! Its not too its perfect for his attention span.

Owen is 3 years + 8 months old
What's your favorite color?     Blue
Whats your favorite monster in the book?Green one. I want to give the Orange one big hug.
Do you want to read this book again?  Ya
Do you want your friends to read it?  No, not read my book.
Do you want to take it back to the library or keep it?  Keep it.

After reading the book a few times, he now helps me read the book by completing the sentences. We talk about our favorite colors frequently while reading.

This is our 2nd time checking this book out from the library. He liked it so much last month, that I decided to get it again and write about it.

Children Book Review inspired by my dear friend Kari. See her kids book reviews here.

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