Thursday, November 7, 2013

Kids Book of the Week: A Tree Is Nice

Why I picked this book: because it received Caldecott Medal (which is an award for the illustrator).

What I liked about it:
The simple and informative words. Also, the artwork was very authentic, and all hand-drawn. Some black and white pages. Some full-color pages. It was different from the normal cartoon stuff in other books. I believe Owen noticed the difference as well.

Owen's reaction to the book:

Owen took time to look at all the trees. He showed me the different tree shapes and he noticed that some have leaves, and others do not. And after a few days of reading this book, we talked about what each of the kids are doing with/around the trees

It was an entertaining book, and as a BONUS I think it made him more aware of trees. Yahoo!

Owen is 3 years + 9 months old.

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