Friday, May 1, 2015

Book Review: Behold, I Come Quickly

Behold, I Come Quickly

Book:Behold, I Come Quickly
The Last Days and Beyond
By Hoyt W. Brewster, Jr.
Published in 1994, but still 100% relevant in 2015!

Why I picked this book: My dad gave it to me. He is an avid christian nonfiction reader!

The book: This book is about the last days of this earth, signs of the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ, what it'll be like when he comes, and what happens afterward (what will happen to all people according to how they lived on this earth, animals, the earth, etc...).
         The author has compiled information from the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, modern day prophets, and church history books. He has interpreted some of the information, but mostly, he has just brought all the relevant scriptures, quotes, and insights of prophets into a book. The layout is nice, and its broken down into sections that make it easy to read.
My Thoughts: This book is an eye-opener!  At first this book had me scared out of my wits! Oh my, there are horrors and terrible things in the future (and some are already happening). I actually cried while reading some parts...knowing that I, my children, OR some of my posterity might have to endure some of the hardships it describes.
         However, it is a VERY MOTIVATING book because it describes what wonderful things are to come to those people who obey God's commandments. Truly wonderful things are ahead for the righteous.
          After reading this book, I examined my life, actions, decisions, etc... and asked myself: Am I on the right track? Will I be counted among one of the righteous? How can I get prepared for these inevitable events in the future (which will be poured out without mixture over all the earth)?

YES! For sure!

On another note....
Just after I finished this book someone on Facebook posted "write the name of the last book you read and add 'with a chainsaw' at the end". Many people were commenting their book titles with the added words. Oh my there were some silly ones! This book is no different...definitely one of the crazier ones!  "Behold, I come quickly...with a chainsaw"
hahaha! So funny :-) Made my day!

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Grandma Betty said...

Great review, Adri! Now I want to read this book.

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