Sunday, March 31, 2013

Take your medicine Baby!

The first time I gave Kateelyn some Tylonol, it was an absolute NIGHTMARE! I swore to TEACH her how to take her medicine so future dosings would go smoothly, and so I wouldn't ruin another outfit with the red or purple syrup she spit out.

I decided to teach her to drink from a plastic syringe, so the future dosings would be more manageable. THIS WORKED PERFECTLY!

I started (occasionally) feeding her thin baby cereal through these little plastic syringes. I only did it often enough so she would remember how to do it. A few times a day, and then only once a month after she got the hang of it.

This was SO EASY and she thinks its fun too- BONUS! Now, when she is sick or needs medicine, I know she will easily down that dose of faux-grape flavored syrup.

Here she is - loving the milked-down rice cereal. Mmmmmm Mmmm good!

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