Monday, October 10, 2011

DIY Tripod Bag {Sew Neat!} Repurpose PJ Pants

I finally sewed a tripod bag. I'm very pleased with the result. The body is padded and quilted with a lining on the inside for added protection and strength. I also added a shoulder strap, round bottom, and drawstring top (used the drawstring from the waistband of the pj's).
1 pant leg (I chose to use some PJ pants I never used)
1 lanyard (used to make the strap)
2 D-rings
(general notions: pins, thread, etc...)

Here are a few pics.

Above: Attached strap detail and D-ring.
Below: Round bottom

ABOVE: Pins are holding the batting and lining in place as I sew the criss-cross pattern on the whole piece.

BELOW: Here is the finished quilting detail.

Here are my pants AFTER the project.
I'm thinking of making this plastic bag holder with the other pant leg.

P.S. I wish I would have taken pics throughout the sewing process...I will for the next project.


Grandma Betty said...

Adri, what an amazing job you did. You can do anything. And you look so beautiful too. So proud of you. MOM

Molly Snow said...

You're so creative. And your pic is really pretty. Thank you for making me the plastic bag holder!

Jose C. said...

Nice, thanks for sharing!

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